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Monday, 4 April 2011

C is for...


Cardiffella's the name of my book,
I'm hoping to cast out a hook
To catch me an agent
Who'll think I'm a talent
And will ask to have another look.

Artwork by Ana Karina Padilla


  1. I hope for you too :) Fingers crossed and sending out the good vibes.

  2. I wish you luck. excellent way of getting your book known about.


  3. hehe, the 'surprise me' button led me here! Good luck, although it shouldn't be luck as you've put in an enormous amount of hard work and deserve a great published knocking at the door!

  4. Thank you for the warm wishes, ladies!

    Sue - *snort* The surprise button has led me to a few familiar places too. It must share the same taste as me. ;p

  5. Hi Tara ... love the limericks .. good to meet you and congratulations on post 200 I think it's today .. well done anyway .. and happy A - Z .. Cheers from Eastbourne ... Hilary

  6. Hope you find and agent or a publisher - just don't give up!

  7. Shw mae? Rob 'dw i.

    I just figured it out. Your book is about a fella who lives in Cardiff. Probably a cat. Cannot believe it took me so long to catch on.

    Your limericks are a bit "tame" in comparison to some I've heard. But I like them, and I'm going to follow along. Happy A-Z travels.

  8. It's a book that is much fun to read
    though I think once I laughed til I peed
    Muse is so smart
    And Ella's a Tart
    the formula every book needs!

  9. love it,

    your words speak humor and wit.

  10. Good luck. What's your book about?

  11. Hope you find that agent! Love the title.

  12. Hilary - thanks so much! Nice to meet you. :)

    Alex - thanks for dropping by. :) And I definitely won't be giving up!

    Rob - I guess the limericks *have* been pretty tame so far, but we are only at 'C'. *grins* Almost right on the book premise - there IS a cat, but my MC is called Ella (though she is from Cardiff).

    Hart - *hi-fives Tami* Best limerick ever!

    Jingle - thanks! Ha. I just replied to you on my other post too. *snort*

    Eliza - Thank you! My book is very loosely based on the Cinderella fairytale, but set in modern-time Cardiff. It's a romantic comedy apparently - at least that's the general concensus of the few people who've read it. :)

  13. Lydia - Whoops, missed you there..

    Thanks! The title came to me in a flash of rare inspiration. In fact, I had the title before I even knew what the book was going to be about. Mad, eh?

  14. I really hope you get published. The few parts I have read were so funny!

  15. Best of luck to you in your search for an agent. Your very talented!

  16. Thank you all for the lovely comments and good luck wishes! I think I have managed to return a comment to everyone who has visited in the last few days, plus a few more via the 'surprise me' widget. If not, it's because I can't find you!!

    I'll keep returning comments as we go along. Keep A-Zing everyone!

  17. Here's hoping you get a publisher! Fun blog!

  18. *gives thumbs up* You'll get published I'm sure of it:)

  19. oohhh, how cool! good luck with the book. that's so exciting!

  20. Wishing you lots of luck with your book!