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Friday, 1 April 2011

A is for...


My middle name is 'Procrastinate',
Tis why I am almost always late.
Of tasks I'm a hater,
I'll get to them later,
To do things last minute is my fate.

Image borrowed from larrysheckell.com


  1. Hahahaha! you always make me laugh, Tara

  2. HAHA, I sat thinking the picture was about to load then reread the caption ! Very clever


  3. Ah, procrastination, my old friend. It's because this is so deeply ingrained in me that all my friends receive birthday cards from my hand-drawn line of Last Second Cards... a few days after the fact.

    Three cheers for procrastination! Hip hip... (we can finish this later)

  4. Thanks Marjorie!

    RJR - As soon as I saw the picture, I had to 'steal' it. Awesome.

    Nate - *is familiar with birthday thing* Yeah, that's me too...

  5. Procrastination is for fast workers!

  6. *dies* You crack me up Tara.

  7. Giggling... you always crack me up - i think I love you :) hehehe

  8. Never do today what you can put off... well, you know. Love the limerick!

  9. Stephanie - Ha! I'm far from a fast worker, but I'm a pretty good procastinator!

    Weesa - Yay! Always nice to hear! *snort*

    Laura - And again, ALWAYS nice to hear! *grins*

    Cricket - Thanks! And yup, that motto is pretty familiar....

    *loves comment love*

  10. LOL A writer's best friend. Right?

  11. Very clever! You are a wonderful writer, I cant wait to read more A to Z posts.

  12. *snort* The limerick of my life...

  13. Jenny - No, thank YOU! Ha! I think making people laugh is one of the best things in life. :)

    M Pax - Oh yes, Procrastination is my very best pal. *nods*

    Mercy - Thank you! *blushes* Wow, I've never been called 'clever'. It's possible you mean my alter ego. *snort*

  14. Mari - You snuck up on me! *glomps*

  15. I suffer from that too.

  16. Thanks for the giggle, and thanks for visiting my blog today. Great A post,as I too have the potential to avoid things.

  17. I'll tell you what I think of this later...
    heh heh...
    Jan Morrison

  18. Hi. I'm MM the Queen of English. I must say it is so good to see another royal in this massive list of bloggers. Perhaps we can have a virtual cup of tea together sometime.
    I loved your poem, Princess.

    MM the Queen of English

  19. As a fellow princess of procrastination, I prefer ST:TNG's Worf's explanation: "I'm not procrastinating, it's a tactical delay." I have a lot of those in my life.

  20. Hahaha! LOVED THIS! Very fun Tara!

  21. Hi, Tara! Oh I know what you mean.... I love to procrastinate too. Writing is about the only thing I don't procrastinate.

    Nice to meet you!!:)

  22. Shelly - Nice to meet a fellow 'sufferer'. :)

    lkramer - You're welcome - for the giggle AND the visit!

    Jan - *snort*

    Hart - Ha! Indeed.

    MM - Hello, Your Highness, nice to meet you! Great nam. :)

    Margie - Ha! That's brilliant! I'll have to remember that!

    ali - Thank you!

    Pk - Nice to meet you too. :) I procrastinate over EVERYTHING, it's just something I've always done. :)

    Wow, so many comments and new visitors! Thank so much everyone!

  23. Procrastination is an excellent time management process.

    Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, especially if there is a chance that tomorrow someone else will do it for you.