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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Mojo Moments

Those of you who know me well are aware that I have a small collection of mojos. Now, I'm a happily married woman in the real world, but in a fantasy world there are a number of fictional characters that I would love to do the mojo mambo with. I've decided to make 'Mojo Moments' a semi-regular topic for my blogs, and this first moment is dedicated to my first mojo.

Now, throughout the years there have been many potential mojos. You know the type - those super-gorgeous males who make you stop and stare, and maybe drool just a little bit. But a real mojo is special. A real mojo inspires you to download as many pictures that you can find and save them on your desktop. A real mojo causes you to drool so much that you often need a bucket and a mop to clean up afterwards.

My first real mojo took up residence in my pictures folder almost eight years ago. I had not long given birth to my daughter, so perhaps my hormones were a little to blame. Whether they were or not, my first mojo was the strongest of them all, and newer mojos have never quite lived up to the first one.

My first mojo was every woman's dream. Handsome (in that dirty way that we all secretly love), noble, trustworthy, and the owner of a huge sword. I'm talking about, of course, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, hero of the Lord of the Rings. OK, technically there were several heroes in these books/movies, but it was really Aragorn who saved the day.

Just what was it that elevated Aragorn from the normal "wow, he's hot!" list to the "OMG I have to have every picture on the planet of him and drool over them for all eternity" list? There's only one answer to that - who cares!! He's hot, he's dirty, and he kicks ass. Who knows why I landed on the 'Aragorn ship' instead of the 'Legolas ship' (although it's possible that the fantastically hot Viggo Mortensen helped the obsession just a bit). The wonderful thing about mojos is that there isn't any rhyme or reason to them. There could be hundreds of gorgeous people out there, and why one outdoes the other is a mystery. But when one of them does stand out from the rest, that's when you know you have a mojo.

Mojos are marvellous things, so when they arrive you should take the time to appreciate them. As I said at the start, I'm a happily married woman, but by having a collection of mojos I still get to play. Aragorn was the perfect mojo to start my collection with as my hubby had his own mojo to drool over too - namely Arwen (who happens to be Aragorn's little elf-wife). It was fate, obviously.

I've added to my mojo collection over the years, but I'll always have a soft spot for my first. Others have come and gone, several have lingered, but Aragorn remains my first choice. And honestly, when it comes to being noble, trustworthy, handsome, and having a big sword, there's no-one to beat him.

Everyone has at least one mojo, right?


  1. ehh but of course everybody has at least ONE mojo ... my list is long, but hey I don't complain!!

    *glomps Tartar*


  2. Hey, why are you posting pictures of my prisoner? He is massaging my feet as we speak and I can't keep him from licking my legs, which I like, but it tickles, so I get all squirmy...

    Are we gunna have to pudding wrestle again?