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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

V is for...


A trip to the vets can be scary,
For my feline friend (who is hairy).
She's not one to roam -
She likes to stay home.
And the men in white make her wary.

The inaccurately named 'Angel'.

'V' was very appropriate for today as I had to take my kitty to the vet to be spayed. She thought it was great fun to be put into the pet carrier, but I'm pretty sure she won't feel that way later on today...

Picture update!!! 

Angel is doing fine after we finally managed to get her to keep the collar on. :)


  1. Poor kitty doesn't know what she's in for. My furry little friend hates the vet, we had her spayed and keep up her yearly shots as well.

  2. Hospitals and doctors does that for me.
    Loved the verse.


  3. Aw, poor kitty! My cat hates the vet as well. When we take her in the car she starts panting and shaking, it's really sad.:(

  4. Hope she has a speedy recovery

  5. Ooh, my cat is overdue for a check up. Poor girl. I mean not girl. Wait, she's still a girl. She's a cutie!

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  6. Yes, it's horrible when they're scared, isn't it? I just picked her up and she's fine, though despite putiing it on three times in the last half an hour, the Elizabethan collar is firmly off. Will have to watch her closely to make sure she doesn't bite her stitches.

    Thanks for the warm comments!

  7. Oh poor kitty! Girl kitties have it worse than boy kitties! Their surgeries are always more dangerous.

  8. I have two cats. One is an absolute horror to take to the vet. Suits of armor are required to avoid trips to the emergency room.

    Wishing Angel a speedy recovery.

  9. I commend you on being a responsible pet owner and having your little kitty spayed. What a cute little kitty it is too, thanks for sharing the adorable photo too. Great post!

  10. Thanks again for the lovely comments! And just a quick response (to Snakesmom) to go with the picture update above.

    Around 13 years ago, I let my first cat have a litter, and she had seven(!). I couldn't find homes for all of them and ended up giving two to an animal shelter. I'm pretty sure they would have been homed - kittens are usually the first to be picked - but I don't know for sure. After that I swore I would never let a cat of mine have kittens. There are too many strays as it is, and it's heartbreaking when you have uncertainty about whether they are homed or not. My first cat was spayed immediately, and both my current cats are now to have kitten-free lives. *nods firmly*

  11. I got my cats from the SPCA. Even when you get them as kittens they're already neutered and have had their first shots. It's a good deal and you know you're doing something good at the same time.

    My vet diagnosed one of my cats as being pathalogically stupid. We had wondered why it took him 3 weeks to learn to use the cat door when the other one figure it out within an hour....

  12. Ugh, vets are always a fun experience. Hope the healing goes quickly!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  13. Those Elizabethan collars -- torture devices for cats and dogs.

    Glad to hear that Angel is doing well.

    MM the Queen of English