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Saturday, 23 April 2011

T is for...

Taff Speak

There was a young girl from round yer like,
Who torked reelly Taffy, like this, like.
She dropped all her gees,
Replaced s's with zees,
Issallgood! Youknowzitmakezsense, like!

I'd claim ownership ov the pickchur coz itz well wicked, but I achully found it frew google images when I searched for 'clart', like innit. The propa origin is yer, like.

A/N - So technically I cheated by ending three lines with the same word, but one, not many decent words rhyme with 'like', and two, well, we Taffie's say like, like ALL the time, so it seemed apt.


  1. LOL thought it was great.

    Happy Easter,

  2. Ha ha... I love it! And I say "like" all the time too.

  3. And here I thought it was just valley girls who used like all the time:)lol

  4. Aha! So this is where I need to move to so I won't be made fun of for saying like so much!! ;]