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Thursday, 28 April 2011

X is for...

The X Chromosome

Women are oft called inferior
(In spite of their shapely posteriors).
But men have x too
(Though women have two)
Hence women are vastly superior.

Image borrowed from here.

A/N 1 - Please take the limerick with a pinch of salt, or tongue in cheek, or in jest (or in which ever way you want that makes you realise that I am not trying to insult any men out there). I mean, women obviously are superior, but I would never say that out loud. Oh...

A/N 2 - The picture has nothing to do with the x chromosome at all, but it turned up in my search for 'funny x pictures', and honestly, it was just begging to be pinched. *coughs*


  1. Yes, I'm inclined to agree. I've seen that sign before too... too funny. Like the Bimbo brand bread in Costa Rica. Signs everywhere say Bimbo on it. ALways makes me laugh.

  2. I agree that's why we were chosen to have children....lol
    Loved the way you used the letter X.


  3. I wonder if the XXX signs you get outside strip clubs refers to the X chromosome, each X referring to a separate rude area. If so, sleazebags are clever than I thought.

  4. Darn, seeing all these X's reminds me of what I'd originally thought of for X, but forgot to write down - now I don't feel superior at all - but you'll have to wait till next year to hear what it is ;) Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  5. Vastly superior! And the photo reminds me of the time a friend of mine who was on exchange in France asked her host family to take a photo of her under the sign for the town of Condom. When she explained why, they were horrified.

    (And I'm your 100th follower, congratulations!)

  6. This gave me the biggest laugh of the day! Congrats to that there were some funny ones today.

  7. I mentioned Dildo in my post today. That road sign is prehaps the most photographed sign in Atlantic Canada for sure. I know every time I pass by it on the highway home I giggle