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Monday, 18 October 2010

Knitting for the Unknitiated

Yup, I'm definitely clueless about today's topic suggestion, and I don't know where to even begin when it comes to rambling about it, so I decided that Google images would be my best friend today, and that I would go on a mini quest to find interesting (er, for interesting, read 'silly') pictures to fill this blog post. *nods* And on that note....

Knitting can be a very versatile hobby, apparently. It's amazing what you can do with a couple of long, pointy sticks and some soft, lengthy yarn.

You could knit yourself a disguise....

You could even disguise your tank when you want to engage in some warfare with your neighbourly knitters...

If tanks are not your preferred method of travel, perhaps you could whip up your own personal public transport option...

It's easily done, too, apparently. So easy, in fact, that even the wildlife are at it...

And don't forget, domesticated creatures are just as clever as their wilder cousins. *nods*

Though honestly, not all domesticated creatures take to it as well as others...

Perhap's Man's Best Friend was suffering some stress, clearly worrying an awful lot about something...

*lights candle*

Poor thing. Still, goes to show that knitting is for everyone, no matter what walk of life you are from. And as to what you can knit, well, I imagine the options are limitless. So, go forth and knitify! You know you want to!


  1. That is truly spun out of very little. Keep knitting Hon.

  2. Hahahaha, er, yes...indeed. *coughs*

  3. Knitted tanks! And buses! Awesome!

    All hail the Granny Jumpers!

  4. I find that crocheting is more to my liking...my grandmother makes knitting look so easy but it takes me forever to do a single row while I can whip up something very quickly when crocheting.

  5. *snort* 1. I have that first pic on my pattern binder (along with "I do love knitting patterns." Thank you, APWBD).

    *snort* 2. Several of those pics are actually crochet. Just sayin'.

    *snort* 3. I collect Durwen's and Rullie's fur for when I get around to learning to spin. Then I will have REAL cats in my hats. *rolls eyes*

    *snort* 4. It really is really easy... ;-)

  6. Lol, I find crotchet easier as well. I prefer trying to control one needle at a time instead of trying to coordinate both hands.

  7. teehee--FABULOUS, Tara! I loved this! My knitting skills are on par with yours, I think (and that first dog). You forgot the knitted hand-cuffs though!

  8. Some of the pictures are of crochet? *dies laughing* I told you I was clueless...

    Obviously I don't 'do' crochet either. To be honest, I'm hard pressed to sew a button onto something, and if trousers need shortening, there is the magic of Wundaweb, or, failing that, my mother-in-law at the end of my street. *shifty*

    I really love that tank, it's fabulous. *snort*

  9. Aha! It was TAMI who posted.... I couldn't see your comment, oh Tartish One. *glares at blogger*

    And knitted handcuffs? How COULD I miss them? *smacks self*