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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

After completing Maria's blogging challenges, I'm now moving onto Natasha. who has given me my next block of five subjects to ramble about, the first of them being 'wedged shoes/and or sneakers.

Here goes!

Wedged shoes are probably my favourite kind of footwear. I'm a bit of a short arse (as we say here in the Diff), so heels are a bit of a must. Of course, most heels are really REALLY uncomfortable to wear, not to mention dangerous (especially if you have a tendency to fall flat on your face like moi). But wedged shoes are awesome because they not only give you a little extra much needed height, but they are so, so comfortable.

I have a pair of wedged ankle boots that I live and die in every winter. They keep my feet warm, I can wear them all day without making my toes feel like they've been jumped on by an elephant, and they have the added benefit of having non-slip soles, which considering that I live in a hilly area that is more often than not covered in a thin layer of ice for half of the winter, is a very good thing indeed

Wedgie sandals are cool too, simply because if I wear ordinary sandals (which are usually on the flimsy side), I usually end up slipping all over the place. I'm probably giving you the impression that I'm a real klutz, but... well, I am, so you're getting a true picture. *snort* Wedgies are great all year round, no question.

As for sneakers... well. Sneakers are tricky, very tricky. I wouldn't trust a pair of sneakers any day of the week. Nasty, tricksy and false, they are. *nods*

Oh!!! You mean trainers!! Okay, I was being silly there for a moment (there's a surprise), but here in the Diff, we don't have sneakers, we have trainers. Sneakers are people who sneak in Taff Land.

Anyway sneakers -er trainers, that is - are another firm favourite of mine. Though I don't wear them for the reason you're meant to. I mean, they're supposed to be for running and sports, but the last time I did anything like that was when I was in high school. Any exercising that I do is done barefoot in my living room where there is nobody around to laugh at me.

Anyway, most days I wear trainers. I'm usually to be found in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, so trainers go with my casual (coughsloppycough*) look. They're comfy, have good sole-grip, and if you have to make a hasty getaway, they're perfect for escaping. *shifty*

No, seriously, trainers are awesome. AND wedgies. I love them both equally. And my feet don't suffer agonizing pain from wearing them either, which can't be a bad thing, can it?


  1. I like the word sneakers better. Sounds "shifty" as you people say. I would like to be a woman so someone would compliment me on my shoes. My sneakers are awesome and deserve praise.

  2. Who says *shifty*? *whistles*

    I grew up saying 'tennis shoes'--all run together... tennishoes. My grandma called them tenny-runners, which I like a lot. And Heidi, a girl I used to know, called them her run fast and jump high shoes...

    I walk a lot, and with relative speed, usually while reading. So tenny-runners are the only shoes for me... except maybe a strappy silver sandal...

  3. That was always a "battle" in my house. Sneakers from the one parent, tennis shoes from the other. "But I'm not playing tennis in them, so they shouldn't be called tennis shoes!" Clearly, I chose the sneaker route.

    I do like Tami's tenny-runners though. :)

    Oh, and I love wedges too. I also have terrible balance so if I'm going to wear heels, thick heels or wedges are a must.

    And yes, I'm randomly reading old blogs. I just can't keep up with you NaBloWriMo participants. :)