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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Weesa's fourth request was simply 'Viggo'. Now for those of you who wouldn't have had a clue what that was, then shame on you! *wags finger*. For those of you who have known me for longer than five minutes, please stop rolling your eyes. Yes, I know I'm slightly obsessed, and have been for a long time, but I swear I have it under control now. Honest.

For those of you who still don't know what I am talking about, I am, of course, rambling about the one and only Viggo Mortensen, who is, just as the title suggests, Viggolicious. Or Viggorgeous. Or Viggolickinggood, you decide. Viggo is pretty much any and all of the above, and has been my primary mojo for a good number of years now.

I first discovered Viggo Delight when I watched the Fellowship of the Ring back in 2002 (where he played Aragorn - you with me now?). To be honest, I took only a fleeting interest in the gorgeousness that was Viggo at first, in fact (and this makes me shudder with horror), I almost missed out completely. My daughter was only a few weeks old at the time, so any movie watching was mixed with feeding, cuddling, and praying for the baby so sleep for a little longer than ten minutes at a time. Hence, Viggo Mania almost passed me by.

Of course, 'almost' is the key word there, because quite obviously Viggo Mania did not pass me by. *coughs*

My first clear sighting of His Hotness was in a scene where you see little more than his face, but all I could think was, Hoo Boy, if his face makes my knees go weak, what the heck will I be like when I see him properly? A few moments later he had a classic Manly Aragorn Moment, where he practically throws young Frodo up the stairs (and there was much rejoicing) and practices his Menacing Glare. *fans self*

As if that wasn't enough, not long after, he whips out his sword. I was suckered, well and truly. *nods wisely*

Thankfully there were two further installments to The Lord of the Rings, including the fabulous second movie, The Two Towers, which carries almost infinite freeze frame moments. We have plenty of Hot Dirty Ranger moments, for example, where Aragorn/Viggo is suitably muddied and grubby (and frankly much hotter than when he is Kingly Aragorn After A Shave).Then we have lots of Hot Ranger With A Big Sword moments too, obviously. Not to mention the infamous Bursting Through Door Moment (I think I may have ruined my first DVD copy at this point of the movie, actually [yes, I have three copies of each of the three movies - better safe than sorry, you know *shifty*]). Alas, google images is not being very forthcoming, and my vast picture collection (over 200 pictures at last glance) is lost forever on the deceased laptop of last year. *sighs sadly*, so I can't demonstrate these various Viggolicious moments.

But it's not all about the Lord of the Rings, oh dear me, no!

Who remembers G.I. Jane? Not the best movie ever made to be sure, but with strategically placed shots of Demi Moore doing press-ups (for the boys), and Hoo Ya Master Chief close ups of Viggo in tight little shorts (for me, er, I mean the girls), it was bound to be a hit. *coughs*

All silliness aside, Mr. Mortensen is not only one of the hottest people on the planet, but seemingly a really nice bloke too. Having watched the multiple hours of extras on all three of the Lord of the Rings DVDs (well, all six really, because I have both the theatre releases and the extended versions of the trilogy, and each disc has plenty of bonus features. What do you mean, I'm overly obsessed? Don't be ridiculous!), it's plain that everyone who worked with Viggo really admired him, both for his professionalism, and his wonderfully generous nature (as well as his strong sense of fun).

Honestly, a man who is physically gorgeous, is unfailingly nice and genuine with it, has a sense of humour,  is a doting father (yup, he has a son), and is well known for choosing his partners for their personality and individualism as well as (and sometimes in spite of) their looks. what woman could fail to be a little bit in love with him?

And he paints too - and also publishes his own photography and poetry. And to top it all, he sings in Elvish (that's Elvish, as in Tolkein, not Elvis as in uh huh huh, thankyouverymuch). Honestly, what's a girl to do, other than swoon just a little bit while she tries not to drown in a puddle of drool...

Ah Viggo, I love you.


  1. ViggoLickingGood works for me. *swoons* You forgot to mention his ongoing affair with the fair Tamadriel thought... it's legendary.

  2. What, THE Lady Tamiadriel? The lady who dresses like a man pretending to be a woman? *snort* Man, I have to finish that story one of these days...

  3. Wait, hang on, HOW did you miss Eastern Promises? Dude, even *I* have that on DVD. *nods* And for the record, he may be the only male on the entire planet who is hot when scruffy (I hate beards... erm, except on Hot Dirty Rangers, apparently *snort*).

  4. Mmm. *joins the crowd of swooning gals*
    I, too, had a phase of Aragorn/Viggo-obsession. :P
    I still haven't seen Hidalgo (mainly because I heard it wasn't any good) but it's still on my list of movies to watch because it involves both Viggo AND horses. Haha.
    Anyway, you made me REALLY want to watch LOTR now. Damn it.
    *adds to my infinite to-do list*
    *admires pictures one last time before leaving*

  5. Leanne - I haven't seen Eastern Promises... I is a Bad Fan Girl. *slaps wrist*

    Kas - Hidalgo is so-so, not great, but not awful. Watchable if only for the two reasons that you mentioned. *snort*