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Thursday, 28 October 2010

One For The Boys

Dave's third request is 'Cheryl Cole', the current darling of British TV. Cheryl found fame as part of the successful girl band Girls Aloud, though she has since had considerable success with her solo career. Perhaps she is most famous for her role as one of the judges on the X Factor though. She has certainly become far more prominent in the press since she took this role back in 2008.

But do you know what, I strongly suspect that Dave requested Ms Cole because she is one of the hottest women on the planet. I've yet to come across a man, heterosexual or otherwise, who didn't agree that she was one of the most beautiful women in the world. And she is that rare woman who doesn't often inspire jealousy or spite in other women either, for she comes across as a very genuine, very nice person. We like Cheryl in our house, though for vastly different reasons. My daughter thinks shes cool because she's a pop star and dresses 'wicked'; my son thinks she's 'hot', and I admire her for her general niceness and genuine, down to earth personality. As for my husband, he 'wouldn't say no'. *snort*

Anyway, seeing as the majority of men on the planet don't really want to read about Cheryl Cole, and would much rather look at her, I thought I'd indulge you and give you some pictures to drool over. After all, I have posted droolfests of Viggo, Jensen and other Fantasy Fellas, so it's only fair that I give the men a turn too. *nods*

So here you go, boys!


  1. I am not an admirer of Sheryl Cole. Too phony. Like the fourth-form trollop you used to avoid in school. I like 'em pasty.

  2. Okay, blogger ate my post... grrrr

    Mark- you crack me up. Though I'm a little that way... any man who looks TOO good just irks me. I hold the preconception they must be asses and would always choose someone who looks a little playful or naughty instead.

    Tara-I hadn't heard of her, but that's not shocking. While I hear music somewhat regularly, I don't read magazines or watch TV so I never know what anybody looks like.

  3. She's cute, but I'm not drooling. Ha! No, I prefer an unshaven manly man. Can we have one of those on your blog soon? Hmmmmm?

  4. Ok the boys have had their turn, so I second the vote for another manly man blog:) and to keep from having to post again thought I'd let you know that we call the cheesy things of yesterday cheese puffs and cheese twists here.

  5. Mark - Lordy!! A man who DOESN'T like Cheryl?? *faints* I agree with the perfection thing though...

    Tami - She's pretty big over here, always in the tabloids and stuff. One of the nicer Brirish celebrities, it has to be said.

    Marjorie - An unshaven manly man? Hmm, will have to ponder that one. I'm not overly keen on stubble and/or beards usually (except for Viggo, obviously).

    Weesa - Ooh, another vote for a manly man! I will definitely have to ponder this one. *nods* And yes, we have cheesy puffs over here too - they're the cheaper alternative to Wotsits and are usually a shop-own brand.