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Monday, 11 October 2010

A + B = Odd pairing...

It's Tami's turn for inspiring the next block of five blog posts, and her first suggestion was to do some crossover 'ships' from various books. Now I've been thinking about this one for a couple of days, just trying to work out whether I would do this seriously - as in figure out who could actually be a well suited couple - or just be my usual nutty self and try for laughs instead. I'm still not entirely sure what I want to do with it to be honest, but as it's early evening now I really have to get something done or nothing will get posted.

Tami mentioned pairing the infamous Mr. Darcy (of Pride & Prejudice) with Miss Tomorrow Is Another Day herself, Miss Scarlett O'Hara, but I don't see that happening at all. (Well, seeing as I am talking about characters from books, who aren't even real, it wouldn't happen anyway, but you know what I mean). Scarlett is just too silly and flighty for stuffy Mr. Darcy - rather like Lydia Bennett, the younger sister of Elizabeth, who turned out to be Darcy's perfect match.

No, Darcy is far too aloof for someone who likes to say' fiddly-dee' on a daily basis.

But then I thought about who would be suitable for The Autocratic One, and honestly, I was stumped. I just can't picture Darcy with anyone other than Elizabeth Bennett. This is a problem that I have with 'ships' in general. I'm a stickler for canon mostly, so when people start messing around with characters and their love interests, I'm not overly interested. I like a parody pairing as much as anyone, but when it comes to serious storytelling, then I like my characters to be with who they are supposed to be with.

So, I sort of have a problem with crossover pairings, which makes today's subject a wee bit difficult. However, I will try to think of a few unusual pairings in the spirit of taking up the challenge.

Darcy & Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter books).

Okay, I obviously mean an adult Hermione, because I don't do underage/sugar daddy pairings, but this definitely could work. Hermione is a serious young woman, which is perfect for the rather staid Darcy. She has probably read every book on the planet, which would be a huge tick for her in Darcy's eyes seeing as he believes the biggest accomplishment that a woman can have is improving her mind by reading. Most importantly, Hermione, despite her cleverness and by-the-rule attitude, still has that hint of recklessness and fun lurking underneath, which is exactly what Darcy needs to lose a bit of his stuffiness.

Remus Lupin (Harry Potter) & Eowyn (The Lord of the Rings).

This is a match made in heaven. Both are tortured souls and believe they will never have a chance of happiness. Eowyn's unrequited love for Aragorn and Remus' firm belief that he doesn't deserve to find love would ensure they could both wallow in their misery and live Mournfully Ever After.

Pippin (of Lord of the Rings [again]), and Snow White (of, erm, Snow White).

Two big advantages to this pairing - both love apples, but happily for Ms White, Pippin doesn't lace his with deadly posion. Pippin also has the added bonus of being a little guy, and we all know how much Snow White loves a little guy, right?

My last pairing are not borrowed from literature, but from the world of television. This may be cheating a wee bit, but as soon as I saw the subject, these two people sprung to my mind instantly, so I have to give them a mention.

Dr. House (of House M.D.), and Christina Yang (of Grey's Anatomy).

Mr. Cynical and Ms Cynical join ranks and become possibly the happiest non-happy couple in the world. House loves puzzles and Christina loves cutting people up (er, for surgeries, that is), which might sound like a complete clash of interests. Their compatibility is due to the fact that the patients that feed their obsessions are almost incidental. House only takes cases that are 'interesting', and Yang doesn't like anything that won't test her surgical skills. Add to that their terrible bedside manners, and their inability to form decent relationships without the aid of a shrink, and you have a perfect match in my opinion. *nods*

And there we have it; a few pairings that may or may not work if they actually happened, but would be pretty entertaining to read about and/or watch nonetheless.

I'm off to watch 'Vampires Suck' now, and am thoroughly looking forward to it. Anything that takes the mick out of Twilight has to be a good thing, right?


  1. Interesting! I instantly thought of Darcy and Hermione too, and was thrilled (if a little disappointed that I didn't get to point it out) that you did as well.

    As for House & Yang, that one would be fascinating to say the least. I suspect it would be a loooong way to getting anywhere, though, as she would be thoroughly unimpressed at his lack of surgeon-ness, and he would probably be annoyed that he wouldn't get to outsmart her.

    I think you need to inform the proper authorities that we want to see this ship acted out so we could see if our expectations were fulfilled...

  2. *nods* Oh, very nice, Tara! Yes, I can see Hermione putting Mr. Darcy in his place. That definitely works. What about Sirius and Scarlet? She is muggle born and all...

    And I just really want to see what happens when you put severus Snape in a room with Arizona Robbins. I bet he would spontaneously combust. *snort*

  3. Would you shoot me if I said that I have never read the book nor saw the movie/ TV series?

    I really did try to read it but for some reason, I was bored. I also tried Jane Eyre thinking that maybe it was the story line but I also abandoned that book. Perhaps I am odd for not liking Jane Austen.


  4. and live Mournfully Ever After. bahhahahah. Perfect.

    And how was Vampires Suck? It's on my list of movies to watch.

  5. Mari - yup, House and Yang would be really entertaining to watch, no question. I'd LOVE a crossover episode with them both, but seeing as the two shows are made by different networks, it's never going to happen. *sighs*

    Tami - Snape and Arizona? Wow, the mind boggles. *snort*

    Chary - Jane Eyre IS difficult to read, though that one is by Charlotte Bronte, not Austen. *winks* I'd recommend watching the 1995 BBC series of P&P - MUCH better than the movie versions, and easier to follow if you didn't get on with the book. :)

    Kassy - *snort* Yeah, Mournfully Ever After just seemed to fit... Vampires Suck is ok as far as parodies go, but I really enjoyed because it spoofed Twilight more than anything. Some nice laugh out loud moments in there, and the girl playing Bella's role takes off the original Bella actress perfect. Not a fantastic movie by all means, but definitely a fun one.

  6. Lordy, I managed to comment withour blogger signing me out! *faints*