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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Slag's Guide To Kairdiff

Oi oi peeps! Tami asked me to like give a virtual tour of me home city like, and I fort it was a perfect 'pportunity to get me some Taffing in at the same time. Bangin!

Oi Oi French clarts! Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh!
I suppose the first fing people fink ov when they iz pictring Kairdiff is the castle, coz that's like probably the most famous fing in the city. It's open to the public like, fer a small fee, and you gets to like walk threw the halls and stuff, which is well wicked, and you also gets to climb onto the battlements too if you like, like, though there's tons of steps to climb, and you iz sort of knackered when you reaches the top. But issallgood coz the view iz bangin, and you can get alirrlebi of French Taunting in if you iz feeling the 'clination like, innit?

The reason we avs a hose ban in the summer like, innit
 A stone's frow from the castle is the Civic Centre, which avs Kairdiff University, the courthouses, and Kairdiff's main museum. There's like nice gardens and stuff too, wiv water features and everyfink. All this iz bang in the middle of Kairdiff, next to all the shops and stuff, so you can get in some wicked sight seeing and shopping all at once. Youknowzitmakezsense!

Shopping is bangin in Kairdiff coz we like avs a lirrlebi of everyfink all wivin spittin distance. We avs the big shopping centre ov course, wiv all the big departments stores and stuff, but then we also avs the quaint lirrle Victorian Arcades wiv weird and wonderful lirrle shops selling everyfink from vintage cloves to 'erbal remedies. And if you iz wanting sum fresh food and stuff, Kairdiff Indoor Market is well wicked coz it avs all your meat and veg as fresh as can be, plus loadsov awesum lirrle stalls that sells everyfink from books to kitchen utensils. Yup, shopping iz definitely a lush fing to do in Kairdiff.

I loves shopping I do....

If you iz wanting to relax, or just av a walk or somefink, you could visit Roath Park, which is only like fifteen minutes away from the town centre. Roath Park is well lush like, innit, coz it has bangin gardens to walk threw, a park for the sprogs to play in, and a massiv lake wiv ducks (that's ducks with a 'd', not swearing like, innit) and swans and boat rides and everyfink.

Ducking ell, where's all the ducks gone then?

Or if you likes to sowshalize and stuff, then the town centre has lots of bangin pubs and clubs you can visit; there's like one every few feet or so, which is like awesum, like, innit? I used to go clubbin all the time like, but that was yers ago.... *sighs* Nowadays I just go to me local pub.

Speaking ov, me local pub iz bangin. The Culverhouse iz about half an hour away from me 'ouse, and itz like the place you'll most likely find me on a Friday night. Me and me clart goes there most weeks if we can get sprogsitters, and sometimes we even take the sprogs wiv us if no-one is willing to be bribed.

Cheers, clart!

Back to the town clubs though, coz I was digressing a bit there, weren't I? After you've got totally pie-eyed, you iz definitely going to be wanting sum grub, and the only place to go when you are drunk in Kairdiff is our infamous Chip Alley. Caroline Street ( as itz properly called like) is basiclee a street wiv loadsov chip shops and kebab 'ouses, and on a Friday and Saturday night, iz like fullov clarts and clits lining up to buy bangin chicken-off-the-bone curry and chips, or massiv burgers and kebabs. Drunken clarts need greasy food! Youknowzitmakezsense!

Kairdiff Bay iz totally bangin
 But if you iz wanting a bit more sofisticayshun wiv your nosh, then you should probably go to Kairdiff Bay, coz that's like the posher part of Kairdiff and has nice restronts and stuff. Not to menshun the art gallery where me and me Burrow peeps had work displayed a coupla yers ago. *fondly remembers* Kairdiff Bay is also the place where they filmed the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood (I fort a bitov trivia might be ov intrest round abou yer like, innit).

Anywayz, that's like the end ov me virtual tour like, so I 'opes you liked it and stuff. If you ever visits the Kair of Diff, make shore you visit all ov these bangin places, coz you'd be mad not to! YouKNOWZitmakezsense!


  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED this, Tara! Nice mix o' views and Kairdiffian, like innut? I sure wish we'd had more time there.

  2. Oh man, I recognize some of those spots! *wants to be in Wales* Bangin' post, luv! *snort*

    Edit: Oh man, my WV is "quiduch" - let's play Quidditch , there's a Welsh team, right? Holyhead Harpies?

  3. Thanks Tami! You KNOW I couldn't resist a Taffing post somewhere along the line, and as it was your suggestion AND it was about Cardiff, I couldn't NOT do it.... And yeah, I wish you guys had been able to spend more time here too. *sighs*

    Leanne - ha! Yup, Holyhead Harpies indeed, though they're from way up North Wales....