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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Princess of Pickles

Yup, not only am I the Princess of Procrastination, but also the Princess of Pickles (there's that obsession with the letter 'p' again). You see, I'm one of those people who who gets herself into a pickle almost on a daily basis. If there is a problem to be had, I'll have it at some point. If there is a bizarre situation to be in, you can guarantee that I'll be in the vicinity.

Yup, I get myself into some awful scrapes, I really do. Sometimes they're literally scrapes, of the multiple kind. Like when I ran for a bus one day and did my infamous Tara Trip. Not content with falling flat on my face, it had to be while I was on a hill - going downward, obviously. So it was more of a nosedive and a long skid than a trip really, which resulted in the majority of the front of my body being covered in various scrapes and bruises, with lots of lovely grit embedded into my skin in the most unusual of places. Of course, it was summer, so I was wearing thin trousers and a strappy vest top. And of course said vest top got pulled downwards in my slide, er, downwards. So obviously the bus load of passengers who were desperately trying to stifle their giggles at the silly woman who was rolling down the hill also got more than an eyeful of my boobage. And trying to explain to the doctor how I had managed to get an infected nipple isn't my most favourite of memories...

Moving on.

The worst culprit of my many pickles is my urge to take on more than I can handle - this blogging every day for a month thingy being one of those times. I mean, seriously, most days I have trouble stringing two words together coherently, so this commitment to blogging every day was a bit of a silly thing to do. The thing with promising to blog every day is that there's not really time to go over your posts to see if they are ok. When I committed myself to the NaNoWriMo project last year (another pickle-inducing commitment if ever there was one), at least I didn't have to go public with my pages of rambling if I didn't want to. The finished product was a manuscript that had more typos than anything else, and an embarrassing amount of grammatical errors too. But it didn't matter, because I could choose who would be reading it, if, indeed, I decided to share the madness.

Not so with this blogging malarkey. For a start, the pesky posts are dated, so you can't really cheat - a post has to go up every day to 'win' the challenge. I'm sort of cheating slightly and working a day ahead of myself, and some days I need to cobble together two posts and schedule them in order to work around my commitments elsewhere, but as long as something new goes up every day I'm not overly worried.

Of course, not content with committing myself to this little pickle, I've also (mostly) promised to join in the rather larger pickle of this year's NaNoWriMo too. Which just happens to follow on directly after this blogging challenge finishes.

*faints* I'm screwed.

PS - For those of you who were expecting edible pickles, here's an interesting jar you might like...

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  1. *dies* Butt pickles? BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well I'm glad you're in the pickle, Tara-it is a good habit to get writing again, and i know you can do it.