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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Well here I am, about to start my last batch of requests for my blogging marathon. The last five suggestions come from Dave, a work buddy of mine, and his first topic is coke.

Now, as with a few other suggestions, I could be sneaky and blog about something completely different to what was intended, but I'm going to be good. *nods* Of course, I might be wrong in assuming that the 'coke' that Dave suggested is the soft drink, but seeing as I happen to know that he was bribed with a bottle of coke just the other week, the drink is what I'm going with. *nods again*

I could cover the tired debate of 'coke versus pepsi', but I won't. Mostly because the majority of the people that I know prefer coke, and also because I believe the answer to that question largely depends upon where in the world you live.

I could maybe ramble about the onset of Christmas, and the inevitable coke advert that arrives around November with a jolly-faced Santa riding on his sleigh, and the extremely annoying jingle playing in the background (why the Powers That Be decide that the festive season is the only time of year to advertise a soft drink is a bit baffling to be honest).

I suppose I could explain that I actually prefer diet coke to ordinary coke, and always have done. Not that I have been dieting for the last twenty years (although I have off an on for most of that time *shifty*), it's just that, to me, drinking ordinary coke is like drinking pure sugar. But I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear about that either.

I could even tell you that I buy half a dozen three litre bottles of diet coke every week to feed my hubby's addiction, but again, that's not very interesting either.

To be truthful, there's not an awful lot I can say about coke. I mean, it's a soft drink, and most people have heard of it, even if they do prefer pepsi. I was going to revert to to good old Google images, but there wasn't really anything interesting on there either.

And me? Do I like coke? Well yes, I've already explained that I do, albeit the diet version. But I especially prefer it with vodka. *nods firmly* And I have a feeling I may be in need of several vodka and cokes in the next few days because one or two of Dave's suggestions are tricky, very tricky.

Oh well, that's about all I can think of to say, really. And 'coke' was one of Dave's easiest topics. I'm obviously going to be doomed. *snorts*

See you tomorrow, when I shall be getting a bit cheesy with some Wotsits...


  1. Ohh I loooove Coke ... and it suits my mojo *coughs*alcohol*coughs* so well!!
    Thinking about it maybe that's the main reason of me loving coke ... and as you do I prefer diet coke than regular coke ... I'm drinking it right now and finding that you wrote about something I love (and was drinking when I saw your blog) amused me so much!!

  2. I really thought you were going to go into the alternatives, dear Princess of P; I really did. Besides, apart from the obvious Welsh (and northern Geordie) stuff they used to shovel into boilers - boring boring - the other isn't so non-pc any more. When you think that when the Coca Cola company first created the drink they put ACTUAL coca essence in as one of the incredients. Chewing Coca leaves was known to build stamina with the Incas!

    Anyway, hope you don't mind my nodding firmly alongside... great blog and you're nearly finished. Hat off to you. Completed before NaNo!

  3. Mmm Coke. You know, I had a friend who studied in London for a while and she said she now can't drink American Coke because British Coke is so much better.

    Strange also that I JUST had a conversation about coke & [insert liquor of choice here]. Hmm.

  4. Have to say I prefer Pepsi. Nice blog though:)

  5. I'm a Diet Coke drinker, too, Tara-though trying to cut back... I cut mine with rum... dark spiced rum if I can get it... you know... it hadn't even occurred to me to drink rum and vodka? No clue WHY...

  6. Ana - ha! Yup, coke with your favourite Mojo is perfect. *nods*

    Marian - I was going to do alternatives, but I've already cheated a couple of times this month so I thought better of it. *snort* And yes - I can't believe I've almost completed 30 requests!!

    Kas - I've never tried American coke, although I have it on good authority that British chocolate is nicer than American chocolate, so maybe your friend is right.

    Weesa - You're one of the first people that I know who prefers pepsi (although my younger sister prefers pepsi too). I just find it very sweet. Each to their own though!

    Tami - I have a couple of glasses a day, but I drink tea more than anything. Hmm... rum and vodka? Do you mean coke and vodka? That's lovely, though I don't know about rum and vodka.... I've had vodka, sambuka and lemonade, and that was nice (though it knocked my head off haha).