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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Darts - Pointy, or Pointless?

Today I will be talking about darts. Not quite sure what sort of thing I'll be saying, but that's par for the course for me, so I'm not overly worried.

The thing is, I don't really see the point of darts. I mean, yes, they have a point - they are darts, so of course they have a point - but I don't really see the purpose of them. Well, not as a sport at any rate.  Darts are classed as a sport, you see, but it's one of those funny sports which don't really involve much in the way of physical activity, so I don't totally agree with it being termed as a 'sport' at all. I don't mind darts if I am playing myself, but watching a game of darts is pretty boring as far as I'm concerned. I mean, you wouldn't watch somebody playing a board game as a sport, would you? And that's how I see darts - as a game.

OK, so I'm not exactly a fan of watching any sport, but I can at least see the appeal of football or rugby, for example. Notwithstanding the high probability of observing some muscular manly thighs, there is also the thrill and/or disappointment of watching for goals (or tries, or whatever they are called in rugby). I mean, I get that. I could even go as far as to say I would probably enjoy watching a live football or rugby match at a sports venue.

Or tennis, that's another sport I quite enjoy watching. Perhaps it's those muscular thighs again, who knows? But what I do know is that watching darts gives you little to no opportunity of spotting a thigh that is muscular at all. Shocking!

Before I continue, I would like to emphatically state that I am in no way having a go at people on the larger side. I myself have always been big, and I actively speak out about people having the right to be whatever size suits them. Fat, thin, rounded, angled, whatever - we're all different, and we should embrace that difference.


Er, I'm not having a pop at lager drinkers either. Just so you know. This really isn't a serious post at all, so please don't be offended.


Anywho, what annoys me about darts is that the people who play them all appear to be beer-bellied blokes who quite possibly train by lifting several pints of lager four or five times a week. There is no physical activity as such, so why is this termed as a sport? Now I'm not suggesting that you don't need  talent to be a proficient darts player, because you do - quite obviously. I myself hit the wall more often then the dartboard. You need a good eye and a steady hand for a start (which must be hard after all those pints, let's be honest here). But honestly, it's not exactly an exciting sport, is it?

The commentators try very hard to make it appear exciting - "One hundred and eiiiiiiiigty!" - but really, they're fighting a losing battle. Then they try to seduce you into enjoying the game by speaking into the microphone in deep, hushed tones. But no, that's not working either, sorry mate.

There's just nothing exciting about it at all, and to me, sports should be exciting to watch. Seriously, you can watch with bated breath as a ski-jumper does some amazing stunt in mid-air, and you can gasp at the seemingly impossible feats that a gymnast can achieve. And you can yell encouragement or groan with dismay at the appropriate times during a football match. But what the heck do you do with darts?

"Oh, he missed. Never mind, he's got a few more darts left yet."


Maybe I'm being overly harsh. There are definitely people out there who enjoy watching darts to be sure, but me, I just don't get it.


  1. The only kinds of darts I'm dealing with at the moment are bust darts and back darts. Bloody sewing patterns. ;-)

  2. I'm starting a campaign to make chess and darts sexy. Viggo & Keira have signed up for a few nude matches. A definite crowdpleaser.

    Top post. (A bullseye, in fact).

  3. Finally got the chance to catch up on the past couple days. Brilliant as ever:) Especially like Ron's application.

  4. Well anything Viggo has signed on to do naked, has my vote as sexy. I will go with that. MOSTLY though, I am with you, Tara--I can really enjoy playing now and again, and have no interest whatsoever in watching somebody ELSE play, unless said player is the type I could watch... say folding socks... and there are a few hotties I would watch folding socks...

  5. Leanne - Ha! I was going to be shifty and blog about those type of darts, but then I realised I knew even less about them than the 'sporting' darts. *snorts*

    Mark - Nude darts? That could be dangerous... just saying.... I'd happily watch Viggo though, no question.

    Weesa - Thanks! So glad you're still reading - nice to see you on here. :)

    Tami - Well yes, I could pretty much watch Viggo do anything and I would be a happy panda...