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Monday, 26 October 2009

Ember in Wrilogonzia

So this is slightly cheating on my plan to write something every day, but today my blog is actually a continuation of a Round Robin that was recently started. I wrote this yesterday, but as I couldn't post it yesterday I had to blog about something else. I can live with this technical cheating if you can.*winks*

This is part five of the Round Robin. My good friend Tami posted part four on her Confessions of a Watery Tart blog a few days ago. You can find the introduction to Ember's story, and links to all of the segments posted so far, at CC Chronicles. If anyone would like to continue the story, just post your intentions at CC Chronicles, and in the comments section of this page.

The story so far...

Ember is a young woman who enjoys reading and posting blogs. One day, while catching up on her blogs, she fell asleep and woke to find herself trapped in Blogland. So far she has met all sorts of strange characters, and every so often the scene blurs and she finds herself in situations that are getting stranger and stranger by the minute....


Ember in Wrilogonzia, Part 5.

“I really need to get glasses,” muttered Ember as she rubbed her eyes again. Her eyes were surely playing tricks on her at the very least. It was either that, or she was losing her mind.

“No, your mind is exactly where it should be,” drawled a deep voice from behind her.

Ember turned around and rubbed her eyes for the – how many times was it now, fifth? - time.

“Dean? Dean Winchester?”

“Look, honey, I don’t know how often I have to say this, but the name is Jerome.”

Ember nodded distractedly. Honestly, he could call himself whatever he liked as long as he kept flashing his fabulous pecs at her.

The Tart marched towards them and thrust something beneath Ember’s nose.

“I’m not normally one for being a stickler, but you’re going to have to sign this for me. Here, here, and here.”

Ember grabbed the pen from the Tart and quickly scribbled her signature in the required places.

“Hang on a sec, what did I just sign for?”

“That’ll be the consent form. Ah, here’s Wyndel now. Excellent timing!” said the Tart happily. “Excuse me; I have to go drape your brother in feather boas. I’m thinking purple would be the color for him, don’t you agree?”

Ember’s mouth opened and closed like a frightened guppy.

“Hey sweetie, don’t waste it,” drawled Dean/Jerome.

Ember swiftly closed her mouth, blushing so fiercely that she had to fan herself. As she tried to think of something interesting and amusing for a comeback, another distraction arrived in the form of a, well, possibly a human, but it was hard to say. One half of her was in the form of a beautiful young girl, but the other half was blurred. It was as if she had only been partly drawn and the artist had forgotten to fill in the blanks.

“Stop!! Stop, I say! Not purple! You can’t waste the purple on him!”

The Watery Tart dropped the pile of feather boas abruptly and gaped at the newcomer.

“Why? And who are you, anyway?”

The newcomer breathed a sigh of relief and quickly gathered up the discarded boas.

“I’m Cassie,” she said quickly. “And I really think you ought to reconsider those pants you are wearing.”

“Wrong color?” asked the Tart, posing for effect.

“No, not at all. The leopard print is rather fetching. It’s the actual pants I’m talking about. Far too much fabric on them. You ought to take the thong option.”

Ember blinked. Several times. This was getting far too surreal for her liking.

“Thongs are awesome,” agreed Dean/Jerome. “That’s smart advice.”

Ember found herself wishing desperately that she had chosen some sexy underwear this morning. Unfortunately, she had a sneaky feeling that she was wearing her ‘fat pants’.

“So, Cassie,” said Ember, in an attempt to change the subject, “I don’t mean to be rude, but why is one half of you missing?”

Everyone looked at Ember, and she shrugged. “Hey, I’m only saying what we’re all thinking….”

“Well, I’m a character from an up and coming novel. The problem is, my author hasn’t fully fleshed me out yet.”

“That’s too bad,” said Dean/Jerome. “You’re pretty hot at the moment, but man, when you get your other leg you’re going to be smokin’. And your eyes – er, eye – is spectacular!”

Cassie blushed becomingly and fluttered her eye flirtatiously.

Ember was torn between envy and exasperation. Eventually, neither won and she decided to move the story on instead.

“Where’s Wyndel?” she asked.

“I’m right here,” said a voice from behind her.

Ember turned and saw her hitherto conservative brother decked out in a basque, fishnets, and five-inch stillettos.

“Wyndel, where’s your pants?” she screeched.

Ember frantically closed her eyes and pictured her computer. She accessed the internet and went straight to Google. Desperate, she decided that she needed to straighten her eyesight out, so she quickly typed ‘glasses’ into the search bar. Too late, she hit ‘search’. In her state of panic, she’d forgotten that the letters ‘g’ and ‘l’ on her keyboard weren’t working.

“Dammity,” she muttered, as the scene started to blur once again….


Any takers for the next part??


  1. LOL, that was good. I can't wait to see where she is going to end up after typing that in. I hope for her sake the blog wizard takes her someplace fun.

  2. *snort* My previous laptop had half of the keys missing - interesting typos all round - and that's what gave me the idea.

    It was great fun writing this, I hope many others pick it up and have a go :)

  3. Ack! Where'd my comment go? I left one, I swear!

    Loved your uppie on this one, Tara!

  4. Although not a continuation of Ember's story, check out the interview Ember's Aunt Elspeth does with the ghost of Grace Street.