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Friday, 23 October 2009

Bejeweled Bliss

As I have mentioned briefly in the past, Facebook is the God of Procrastinators. I originally joined Facebook about three years ago, but at the time I was still heavily obsessing about Harry Potter, so my online time was dedicated to http://www.hpana.com/ (my first ever home on the net). I filled a profile out for Facebook, then pretty much forgot about it.

Then the unthinkable happened - HPANA's servers went down for almost two days! (Speaking of which, blogger was down this morning and I almost died on the spot. I've been so good about blogging every day that I had a mild heart attack at the thought that I might not be able to blog today. My whole plan to reinvent myself as a conscientious writer hinges on the fact that I can keep up to date with my blog. Blogging is essential to my needs).

Anyway, to get back to the point, HPANA went down. I was flummoxed if truth be told. Catching up on reading and writing fanfic was the highlight of my day. I couldn't read anything (except for that irritating Error 404 notice, or sometimes the obnoxious JRun gremlin, which to be frank is even worse than the stupid 404 thingy), and at the time I had no files saved on my computer, so I couldn't even update any of my fanfics (I had four at the time, I think) because I needed to recap where I had left off on them. What was a girl to do?

Have a poke around Facebook, that's what.

Part of me rues the day that I nosed around what has to be the biggest distraction on the internet. I first became addicted to an application called 'Owned'. I uploaded piccies, bought and sold to my heart's content, and spent hours laughing at people's funky pictures. I think it was about six months before I finally lost interest (which is astonishing when you think of how silly the application is).

After that I discovered 'Save the Planet'. Oh. My. Lordy. A procrastinator's DREAM!! Ton's of time-wasting/chore-avoiding games on there to suit everyone. It was a month before I could leave 'Word Search' alone. Not until I had completed all ten rounds in under four minutes could I leave that one in the Internet Graveyard. And the arcade-style games! So, so many of them, and each of them attracting me like shiny, shiny gems.... *mind wanders*


Of course, eventually I found the pinnacle of my procrastinating dreams. Bejeweled had arrived on Facebook, and it was awesome, even if I say so myself. Of course, I already had the original Bejeweled game on the PC (hours of fun were had by all!), so I was familiar with the game. But this one was different. This one was called Bejeweled Blitz. This one had a timer of one minute added to it so that obsessive people (like yours truly) could become hooked even more easily. It wasn't long before I was playing it several times a day. OK, it didn't have the awesome music from the original Bejeweled 2 (I love the music from that game, I'm a nut, what can I say?), so it didn't relax me, but boy, oh boy, that little timer had me from the moment that strangely funny voice told me to 'Goooo!'. (Speaking of that strange voice, I LOVE the updated version of the game. Strange Voice Guy keeps telling me that I'm 'ExtraORDinary! SpecTACular! InCREDible!', and let me tell you, it's not often I hear a guy say that to me in the real world *winks*).

Anywho, I am still in the thralls of Bejeweled Blitz, no matter how much I try to avoid it. It has to be one of the stupidest games in the world, but it's things like this that hook people like me (I'm reminded of the obsession that was Bubble Shooter, and I'm telling myself not to go there again - ever).

I guess I'm just one of those people who become addicted to things far too easily. It's annoying, it's silly, and it makes no sense. Rather like me, I suspect.

Ah well, there's nothing I can do about it. I think I'll post this out of the way so that I can get back to it. Apparently you can get special Halloween badges in the next couple of weeks, if you are lucky. How awesome is that??

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  1. Tara,

    I can so relate to this blog entry. My mistake on Facebook was discovering Mafia Wars. It is the best procrastination ever. I can lose myself in that game and then wonder where the last two hours had gone.

    Bad Chary! Bad!

    Loved the entry. I am now following this blog.