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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Untitled (mostly because I only had limited time to ramble).

Crap. Only twenty-seven minutes left for Tuesday, and I still haven't blogged. To be fair, I've only managed to snatch about ten minutes on the computer today - I've been busy, busy, busy! - but I couldn't go to bed without at least attempting a ramble of some sort.

In the tired and fuzzy realms of (what I term loosely as) my brain, I came up with the subject of 'People Watching'. Don't shoot me, it's late, and I now only have twenty-six minutes until midnight....

Anywho, out on my many travels today, I came across a few of the lesser known types of humans. Coming up is a quick summary of just some of the species I have encountered on what was an ordinary (albeit busy) Tuesday in Cardiff.

Over-excited childling: Not overly rare, this one, but still enough of an oddity to make you pause In this case it was a seven year old of the female variety. Noted for its high-pitched squeak and fluttery wings, you don't want to come across a crowd of these, though one or two at a time are a rare treat.

Miserable Middle-Ager: You usually find these cranky little birdies driving the local buses. You need to be very careful of these little blighters - before you know it, they'll steal your good humor and have you muttering obscenities under your breath in no time at all.

Boredious Checkoutus Girlus: A fairly common breed, these can actually be quite entertaining. You can say just about anything to these little beauties and it goes right over their head. They're far too preoccupied with being bored.

Bubblious Checkoutus Girlsus: A close relative of the Boredious variety, these little cuties are completely different from their siblings. They're sharp, witty, fun to talk to, and have packing your bags down to a tee.

Ignoramus Totallus: Watch out for these little suckers, who are usually to be found barging past you in supermarkets, breaking your toes with their trolley as they make a mad dash for the Bubblious Checkoutus Girlus. Nasty, very nasty.

Friendlious Employeeus: Now these are a rare breed indeed. If you are very fortunate, you may come across one who will offer a greeting, take pains to assist you, and give you a genuine smile. If you catch one, don't forget to get a picture, they really are awfully scarce these days.

The Lesser Spotted Genuine GP: Perhaps the most rare of all our species today, this little gem is usually brown-feathered, wears spectacles and has a firm grip. Other notable attributes are kindness, the ability to listen, and genuine concern.

I came across all of these species today, and even when I was confronted with the nastier type, I still chuckled to myself. Birdwatching is out, and Peoplewatching is IN!

(And that concludes my ramble. Sorry for the crudness, but I now only have nine minutes before midnight, and I still need a piccy and a spellcheck before I can post. Hopefully tomorrow's blog will be a little more interesting).

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  1. Ugh, don't know what's up with the time stamp, but I make it 23:57... PHEW! Made it with three minutes to spare! *wipes brow*