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Monday, 19 October 2009

You've been Ellied!

We have a saying in our house, and it's uttered at least three times a day. My seven year old daughter is a bit of an Attention Hog (the capitalization is for stressing the point). I don't know if it's because she's a girl (who tend to be harder than boys), or whether it's because she is the youngest child in the house, but for whatever reason, she rules the roost. We get 'Ellied' more often than we want to.

She's a 'Daddy's Girl' - of course - but somehow her father gets all of the luck and only manages to get Ellied about once a week. Me being me (another 'of course'), I get Ellied every day. And my poor unfortunate thirteen year old gets Ellied at least twenty times a day (bless him).

Then there's the visitors; they don't get to escape from the joys of being Ellied, oh no they don't. When she was toddling around she used to love men (don't know who she got it from *shifty*), so whenever my hubby's friends came over they were all well and truly Ellied. She just wouldn't leave them alone. At one point she was calling every man she saw 'Daddy', and of course they had to say Sweet Nothings to her in response (a grumpy Ellie is something to avoid at all costs).

As she got older I kept telling myself that she would become more independent, and that she would lose interest in pestering people. Ha! She gets more proficient the older she gets. My sister visits every Thursday and spends the whole day with us, and as soon as my daughter is home from school, poor Auntie Andrea gets Ellied right up until bedtime. *lights candle*

As if this wasn't stress-inducing on its own, my seven year old seems to think she's seventeen. Her favorite words are currently 'whatever' and 'what?!?!'. And lets not forget the eye roll and side to side head movement. Ellie's got it down to a tee. Some days I want to strangle her, she drives me that mad.

But I suppose that for all the exasperation that she causes, I wouldn't have her any other way. She's a very loving child, and is generous with her hugs and kisses (which is lovely as my son has never been demonstrative). And as much as she makes me pull at my hair, she also has me in fits of laughter pretty much every day (at the moment she's entertaining me with off-key renditions of various Lady Gaga songs). And to top it all, she's a very bright little girl who makes me proud in so many ways.

And on that note, I shall leave you with the poem that she wrote a few weeks back. I had a silly smile when I first saw it, and the silly smile returns every time I read it. *grins*

"The Boy and his Pretend Pet" by Ellie Smith.

There was a boy who made a pet,
But then it got a little wet.
Then the boy tried to get it dry,
It didn't work and made him cry.
He could not take it to a vet,
Because it was not a real pet.
He tried again and made a note,
To make a pet that wore a coat.

*posts blog before I get Ellied again*


  1. Ahhhhhh! *Huggles Ellie*

    Oh, to be center of the world... I have one of those too. It doesn't get easier. I know that isn't what you wanted to hear...

  2. Give Princess Ellie a huge hug from me.
    From the way you describe her, my younger one is going the same way! Fun times ahead for me, I can see.

  3. *lights candle for Natasha* Uh-oh, you're doomed.

    Tami - you've always said that it wouldn't get easier.*sighs* I wish I didn't believe you, but I do.