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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Today's blog will be trick or treat (as opposed to short and sweet). Well, not really trick or treat, but I couldn't resist it...

As most of you already know, I am participating in this year's NaNoWriMo. My hope is to be able to continue blogging every day, but if not, I'm not going to worry too much. The aim of my blog was to write daily, so I think I can give myself a little break if the NaNo stuff overtakes me for a few weeks. I shall endeavor to blog as and when I am able to....

Which brings me to the  'able' part. I am without a laptop - again! -  so computer access is going to be limited. Well, maybe not computer time per se, because I can pop in quite frequently on most days, I just can't stay longer than a few minutes most evenings, and my days are going to be swallowed by the NaNo frenzy.

As today is Saturday (er, actually tomorrow is Saturday because I'm typing this Friday night), and tomorrow will be Sunday (Saturday, but you know what I mean), computer time is virtually zero, so both blogs are being prepared in advance (er, obviously).

I've a hard enough time thinking of one subject per day to ramble about, but as this is number two of three blogs I am having to write, I'm pulling a 'Blue Peter' (British long-running kiddies show) and announcing that 'Here's one I made earlier!'

I've mentioned my writers' group before (along with my fellow Burrowers), but I've never shared any of my contributions. This month, The Burrow is displaying our Halloween feature, and as today is Halloween, it seems fitting that I share one of my Halloween drabbles.

 I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween, and don't forget, be wary of those trick or treaters!

Witches on broomsticks, vampires with fangs,
Halloween Night has a mixture of gangs.
Half of the neighborhood out on the streets,
Pots full of candy, buckets of sweets.
Children with faces all covered with paint,
Shocking disguises that make people faint.
Billowing capes, and weapons galore,
Mock giant pitchforks banging your door.
Curtains are twitched, door opened a tad,
Hoping your caller's not stark raving mad.
Good fortune is yours and you reach for the sweets,
It's five little witches, asking for treats.
You fill their cauldrons and watch them leave,
There'll be plenty more devils this All Hallows' Eve. 


  1. I love this drabble! I read it to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. I know it probably isn't supposed to be read to that tune but that's just how my brain works.

    Brilliant Tara!

  2. *glomps Chary*

    I should probably write a bit more than that, but I'm afraid of frunk posting.

    *lives vodka*

  3. I like this drabble, but I loved the other one. Post it sometime soon, pretty please.
    *makes puppy eyes*