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Friday, 2 October 2009

Jumping on the Blogwagon

Everyone is blogging these days, and it seems that my dithering self can dither no more. It's all very scary, though. I'm pretty sure that my secret name (you know, that name that identifies you properly, the name that will potentially give someone ultimate power over you if they guess it) is 'Procrastinate'. Shoot, now I told you what my secret name is. Anyway...

Scary. That's what I was talking about, right? Blogging is very scary. It's the internet form of growing up, and part of me wants to stay an internet teen so that I can spend my online time glomping people and snorting at youtube videos. (I almost put snorting people and glomping at youtube videos just then - that's a prime example. The Internet Teen would have done so, but the emerging Internet Adult has decided against it. Then again, technically I still typed it, so maybe I'm still a teen after all. A teen who is entering the responsible(ish) phase of internet interaction. I feel like Alice in Wonderland, that's how strange this whole blog thing is to me....)

So yes, scary. Blogging is a commitment, and I don't do well with commitment. At least, not with writing commitment. If it's official, I can do it - usually with a mad rush to cobble something together at the eleventh hour, granted, but I can do it all the same. Other stuff, not so good.

But I am embracing - or at least holding out a tentative hand - the idea that blogging might actually be a good idea. It might actually install a little discipline into my scatty brain. Heaven knows I need it. One little blog per day. It can't be that hard, surely? The sad thing is that, yes, it can be that hard. There are dozens of silly little things that have prevented me from jumping on the blogwagon before now.

1 - "I can't think of something interesting to blog about every day."
2 - "Everyone else does it so well, I shall look like a plum."
3 - "I ramble, and who really wants to read my rambles?"

You can see where this is going, right?

I'm a procrastinator, end of subject. There are never really any reasons for not doing something, just excuses. I firmly believe that Scarlett O' Hara had the right idea (though the worst taste in men). I like to dither. It's a way to avoid those pesky adult things they call 'decisions'.

But!! I am attemtping to go forth into that murky world of responsibility, so I'll leave you with the immortal words of 'The Terminator'.

I'll be back.

Possibly. Maybe. Perhaps. Most likely. No, probably. Yes, that's it. I'll be back, probably. Works for me.


  1. I'm your first! Just like you were once MY first--It's like poetic justice... only blogging! Bloggic Justice? Maybe not.

    Well, my plum friend, I am GLAD you have jumped in! I love your ramblings and home my brazen use of liming yesterday might have played a role!

  2. Thanks Hart! And I have a plan about those lemons and limes, oh yes I do....

  3. Yaaaaay! I am second (but second to Bambi [I just reread the lemon/lime thing again, and it is my resolution to get back to calling Tami by her appropriate name], which I can totally accept, since she da bomb. Just like you da bomb, Tar-Tar!)!

    I love your ramblings, and guess what - Mystic Mari had a feeling something like this was coming (I recognized the signs from when I was a-starting a-blogging. Uhm, no, I mean, I really am psychic!). So welcome, my friend :)

  4. And it's official. Our insanity is going public. not that it wasn't public before, but youknowwhatImean...

  5. I have absolutely no idea what you mean! Insanity? Nope, this is science and psychics and lemonade all over. Publicly or not!

  6. And I am the third to comment on your very first post.
    Welcome to the gang, Tara, it is addictive and fun!!!!