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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Quick Thought #1

Being blessed with about ten minutes of computer time today, I needed something quick to put on my blog. What I should have done was written another blog yesterday because I knew I wouldn't have time today, but even though it would have meant that I didn't miss a day of blogging, it sort of defeats the object that I had of writing every day.

Consequently, I have created another 'label' and called it 'Quick Thought'. I predict there will a 'Quick Thought' almost every Thursday (not that I am psychic, it's just that I have my sister visiting every Thursday and it's pretty rude to be tapping away at the keyboard when you have company).

So, today's 'Quick Thought' is actually stolen from Albus Dumbledore (well, technically it was JK Rowling who wrote the words, but you know what I mean). Remember when he said those immortal words at the welcoming feast? You know, that 'Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!' thingy? Well, initially I laughed at the oddity that was Albus Dumbledore (which I'm guessing is what I was supposed to do). But on further reflection, I realized that Dumbledore was being a bit of a git, when all's said and done. Let's take a closer look at what he really meant....

Nitwit: Putting the Oxford English Dictionary to one side, my interpretation of this word would be pretty simple. It means that a person is stupid, slow-witted or an idiot.

Blubber: This could be taken two ways, but the most common form of interpretation (I asked my two kids what they thought it meant), seems to be that this means to cry. A lot.

Oddment: No big mystery here, it means there's an odd one left over, or perhaps something that doesn't quit fit.

Tweak: Again two meanings, but I'd personally think that Dumbledore didn't actually mean 'tweak' as in to pinch somebody's arm, so I believe he meant adjust, or make better.

Putting that together, what we have is not four random words meant to make Dumbledore appear slightly kooky (in a lovable way). What we get is a mad old wizard who is basically saying that the students of Hogwarts are all stupid misfits who cry far too much and need fixing up before they are let out into the real world.

Not really very headmasterly of him, was it?


  1. That is the other way of looking at it!!!

  2. maybe it is the teachers who are a misfit bunch of cry-babies *cough*Snape*cough* and need some of the OTHER kind of tweaking before they will become nice people... ifyouknowwhatImean...