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Monday, 30 November 2009

*is drooling over Dean Winchester*

It's the last day of November, hence the last of my asterisked blog titles. It seems only fitting that I should blog about one of my mojos, because asteriskisms tend to come out in full force when we talk about our man/woman candy. There are a multitude of words that we can asterisk when we come across pictures of our mojos. *nods firmly*

For example, for the picture on the right, you could have:



*mind wanders*

But there are different levels of asteriskisms when you are dealing with mojos. The above is pretty standard stuff, but aside from the general hotness that is Jensen Ackles, the picture is nothing out of the ordinary. For the next level of asteriskisms, you need something a little more inspiring.

Now, it doesn't have to be anything crude, or even naked (although that idea does rather appeal), it just has to have that little something extra that inspires just a wee bit more drooling. The picture on the left may seem like another fairly ordinary picture, but don't be fooled. Our boy has that twinkle in his eyes that tells you right away that he is a Bad Boy, and you know how most ladies love a bad boy. On the asteriskism front, we are now:

*fans self*

*drools excessively*

*is thinking about taming strategies*

Level Three obviously needs the picture to be taken up a notch or two on the hotness front, so a little nudity is a must. Nothing over the top, just a little tease, of course. Sometimes leaving things covered is far more sexy than out and out nakedness. Here we have the traditional Chest Shot, guaranteed to invoke slightly more naughty asteriskisms. Now we have:

*licks lips*


*is thinking about full body massages*

Level five (no, I'm not deluded, I can count) is the Level of Smut, which I won't get in to here, but before Smutty Level Five, we get lovely Level Four. *winks* Level Four is, by the laws of inevitability, sexier than Level Three, so we need a little bit more than a Chest Shot. The example I'm using is the Butt Cleavage. *grins innocently* Gone are the playful *drools* and *licks lips*, we are now reduced to:

*pulls out whip*

*drags to dungeon*

*has multiple asteriskisms*

So yes, mojos definitely bring out a good variety of asteriskisms, wouldn't you say? And these aren't strictly limited to the ladies either. You men can whip out your asteriskisms as and when the fancy takes you. *coughs*  Make sure you insert a little innuendo too, and you'll be laughing all the way to the imaginary dungeon....


  1. I'm a dedicated heterosexual, and yet I too want to nibble on his triceps.

    You'd just feel so SAFE in those arms...

  2. Hahahahaha! *snorts profusely*

    I think Dean is appealing to both sexes, regardless of age, orientation, or plain old fussiness. Even the computer wouldn't say no. [/Little Britain Reference]

  3. I don't know about appealing to both sexes I'm not sharing my love of Dean Winchester with my husband ! LOL.

  4. *Snorts*

    I love asteriskism. *nods* and I quite agree, when it comes to eye candy, you cant help but use it.

    Great Ramble today Tara :)


  5. vana - Ha! No, I wouldn't want to share with MY hubby either. I wouldn't want my attention taken away from Dean ifyouknowwhatImean. *winks*

    Thanks Leesh! Asteriskisms are great, aren't they?

  6. *drools too*

    Don't tell my husband.

    *shifty look*

  7. Luckily, Hubby fully understands my, as he puts it, *obsession* with Supernatural. He likes the stories and hot girls. I don't remember any of those in the show??? Is there really? I think he lies...

  8. I'm still in trouble for lustly blurting out TWO DEANS during a time travel episode like 3-4 seasons back ;) totally worth it though ♥

  9. Hahahaha... totally understandable, Becky!!!

    TJ - I didn't notice any of those things, either! *snort*