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Monday, 2 November 2009

*is playing musical chairs*

November madness is well under way now, and I'm having to play musical chairs. I'm alternating between the hubby's PC and the son's PC. Hubby's PC is comfortably situated in the living room, though has the unfortunate drawback of being hooked up to the 42" TV, and is lacking Word. NaNo -ing is undoable on there.

Son's PC, however, does have Word, and a normal-sized monitor into the bargain. Unfortunately, the son's PC is in his bedroom, which means I have to go in the attic to write for my NaNo. All well and good, but as I am currently waiting for the tech guy from Virgin Media to come and fix my modem, writing in the attic is out of the question (I suffer terribly with blocked ears and am usually virtually deaf). Still, I've managed a little more on my NaNo today, and am only 136 words short of my daily target. Whether I'll climb back up the ladder into the Attic of NaNodom later today is uncertain, but I'm pretty pleased with my 3,198 words so far, so I'm not worried.

Busy Bee-ness all around today. Not only am I blogging (which I think will become more difficult as the month goes on), I have also tallied and compsed results for the monthly fiction poll that I oversee over on HPANA (technically, that should have been done yesterday, but as it was Sunday (which are bad days for me no matter what date it is) and it was also the kick-off for NaNo, I think I can be forgiven.

I have decided to title all of November's blogs as asteriskisms (you knew I was going come back to that one of these days, admit it). Don't know why I decided that, but I did. *nods* Don't even know why I am telling you this, except that it conforms to my rambling nature. *snorts* Today's asteriskism is definitely true. Well, actually, it's isn't strictly true because I don't have any music going and no-one is playing with me, but I have the 'chair' part covered, so I figure I'm good to go.

There are another 28 days left in the month, so that's 28 more asteriskisms to think of. One day it could be *is procrastinating*, another it might be *is flying high on NaNo love* . I suspect there will be a *is doom, doom, DOOMED* one around about the 15th, followed (hopefully) by a *is dancing the Finished NanNo dance* around the 30th. Who knows?

At the moment, I am happy enough with the *is dancing the 3,198 words dance*


  1. No one is playing with you? Does that mean you're playing with yourself? *ducks*

    BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You walked into that one!

    Seriously though--two points... you are doing FABULOUSLY and you can download Office Open on your hubby's PC for free so you can write there. You'd need a memory stick (or maybe google documents) to go back and forth between machines, but you can have word processing for free and it is somewhat compatible with word (it opens word docs as a big wide thing, but it reads them)

  2. I think I ran into that one.*snort*

    I could put Word on the main PC if I wanted to, but there's not much point. I find it impossible to write with a 42" screen glaring back at me. I can write my blogs because they're only short, but I can't write anything longer, or I get a headache...