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Sunday, 1 November 2009

*blows raspberry*

It's officially November 1st (if only by a few minutes), and contrary to my original plan of pre-writing today's blog, I am writing it now (obviously).

I don't think I have a specific subject to blog about (in fact, I know I don't have a specific subject), so I guess I'll just run to form and ramble for a few paragraphs. I should probably add, though, that I have consumed several vodkas, and so am likely to ramble even more than the norm. Plus there is an increased risk of typos owing to the alcohol, not to mention the fact that a) I can't find the spellchecker on the 'new updated post editor' thingy, and b) I can't be ****ed proof-reading. You have been warned (though probably too late for it to make any difference).

It's November 1st (yes, I know I already said that, but it's how I need to start this paragraph, OK?) and that means NaNoWriMo (ooh, I got that right while I was DRUNK!). Various thoughts and feelings are running through me at the moment (as well as the vodka), most of them making my belly feel a bit odd (though that's possibly to do with said vodka if I'm truthful).

I have a plot for my NaNo! I do! I do! Technically, I stole it *shifty* But because it's a 'modern twist', I think I'm allowed to do that without being accused of... what's that word?, erm, plageurism (that's definitely spelled wrong, but at this point I don't really care enough to check google's dictionary).

Anywho, my 'modern twist' on an old story is fairly simple (it has to be simple because it is me, after all). It's a bout a girl called Eleanor (Ella for short), and she's from Cardiff (my home town), and it's stealing borrowing from the plot of 'Cinderella'. Of course, because I am a bit deranged, the story will have a few twists. My 'Ugly Sisters' are in fact a gay couple, and Ella doesn't have a Fairy Godmother, she has a talking cat called Muse. 'Cardiffella' (note the clever rather silly play on the original title there *winks*) is definitely chick-lit, which I have never attempted before, but my only other idea was about a woman who dies and leaves a bunch of letters to her family and friends. 'Last Words' (as I was going to call it) was definitely more up my street because it was fairly dark and twisty (I love Grey's Anatomy *shifty*), and I planned to give it a big twist at the end that was aimed at making every single reader drown in a river of tears (you know how I love to be evil). Of course, the idea is still there, and if I do well with this year's NaNo, maybe I could do my dark and twisty story for next year's marathon month of madness.

*snorts* I just realised, I did have a subject after all. I guess this NaNo thing is going to completely take me over for the next month. I'll try not to bang on about it in my blog, though it's probably inevitable that I will. I also need to make sure I keep Ima Nutcase, the talented reporter from The Daily Ramble, up to date on my laptop situation. The poor woman's had no work at all since she last reported on my situation, and that can't be good...

That's enough rambling for tonight methinks. I've typed for twenty minutes, and I refuse to even scan over what I have done. Typos, spelling errors and grammar mistakes.... who cares? After all, the NaNo people keep telling me that these little things don't matter....


  1. *lmao*

    This post was hilarious. You were not drunk since most of it was coherent. You were merely frunk!

    Love ya loads. Keep on writing.

  2. *glomps Chary* This post will serve as a reminder to me never to post in the early hours of the morning, especially after vodka consumption.*snort*