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Friday, 6 November 2009

*has no idea what I am doing*

As I sit here, contemplating what to ramble about on today's blog, I realize that I still don't have a clue what I am doing. PING!! And so we have the subject for today's blog....

Now, I seem to remember saying that I would try not to bang on about my NaNo novel too much, but pants to that, because my NaNo (which I always type as NanO, no matter how hard I try not to) is pretty much all I'm thinking about these days.

It's not going like I thought it would. It should be fairly easy seeing as I "borrowed" the plot from Cinderella and so have a rough plan to follow. But no, me being me, it is not simple at all. I am back to my usual habit of writing on the spur of the moment. I'm not following any plan, I'm not sticking to the plot, and my characters are simply not behaving as they ought to behave.

Take Eleanor, my version of Cinderella. She's not downtrodden, she's independent, and she swears. Not at all like the original Cinderella (I'm also pretty sure the original Cinders didn't flash her bottom in front of Prince Charming either. At least, not before the wedding).

As to my Prince Charming (or Max, as he is called), well, originally he was supposed to be quite aloof, but my most recent scene had him talking to Eleanor and making jokes about her stitches (which happened to be on her bared bottom). And my Fairy Godmother happens to be a talking cat, did I mention that? Anyway, they're just not doing what I thought they would. *pouts*

I passed the magic 10k mark yesterday, but today I haven't written anything. The silly thing is that today should have been my best day yet. I've had all day to write, but all I have done is watch TV, play Bejeweled, and popped to the shop. I even fitted a nap in this afternoon. I'm not overly worried because I'm almost 2,000 words ahead of target, and I still have a few hours this evening to add to my word count. I've been averaging about 1,000 words in an hour, so I figure I can pump out another 2k tonight. What it'll be like is another thing altogether. I'm fairly sure that this is the worst thing I have ever written (and that includes my song fic which had Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange rapping to Blu Cantrall's 'Breathe' *snort*).

This whole NaNo thing (edits NanO to NaNo) is one big bout of insanity. I really don't have a clue what I am doing with it, it's just one big mound of (mostly) drivel. I might be able to salvage it once I am done (note I said 'when', not 'if' - it might be drivel, but it will be completed, I have no doubt), but it'll never be what I imagined my first book to be.

Still, you never know, there could be someone out there who likes stories about women who lose their clothes almost on a daily basis. The only question is, will they like stories with talking cats too? Hmmm, tricky, tricky....


  1. I like both women who lose their clothes and speaking cats. I'm hooked.

    I would recommend pursuing wherever it goes and enjoying. Critical analysis will stop this free-flowing creative eruption dead in its tracks.

    Go! Go! 10,000 words before sunrise!

  2. Tara, I am experiencing the same issues and just like you, am still plugging away.

    What's your Nano name so I can add you as a writing buddy. I am under Chary Johnson.


  3. "Go! Go! 10,000 words before sunrise!"

    Easy, Tiger! *snort* I missed the 2k mark in the end, but I'm almost at 12k now, so I'm still ahead. That'll do for me:)

    Chary, I'm ambermarie on there. I'll go add you to MY list right now, but I think you still need to add me to YOUR list for it to work propely...