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Monday, 23 November 2009

*is mostly NaNo-ing*

I'm feeling torn at the moment. When I started this blog, I was determined that I would do it properly. That is, I was determined to blog every single day. The content didn't matter too much, as long as it was something. Some days I've blogged twice because I knew I was going to miss the following day (or some such thing), but number-wise, there has been a blog for every single day since I first started.

Currently I'm at the start of the final week of NaNoWriMo, and, as I suspected, I am behind. Not terribly behind, as in Oh My God I'll Never Make The 50,000 Words Goal, but behind all the same. Especially seeing as I really wanted to make 65,000 words. I need 65,000 if I want to attempt to publish it. Okay, at the moment it's far too pants to even consider publishing, but that's the ultimate goal here, and 65,000 words would have been awesome, and given me wiggle room when I went through the editing stage. Cutting sections of text is far easier than adding, and at the rate I'm going I'll definitely need to add a good 10k to my word count.

But never mind. 65,000 words was a personal goal, the official goal is 50,000, and I should - by the skin of my teeth - just about make it. I'm definitely nearing the end of the story, and am currently sitting at 38k. There's enough plot left to fill the last 12k or so, rounding off to a neat 52k if I'm diligent. Word counters are a nightmare, and several times I've thought I had a certain amount of words, only to have the NaNo website tell me it's a few hundred less than I thought. I've been Taffing about that I don't know how many times in the last three weeks.

Anyway, to get back to what I was trying to say earlier on, I am torn. Ideally I'd like to keep blogging every day, but I have a feeling that this week will be swallowed. There may be an odd blog in the middle, but I think it's unlikely. So I shall ramble no more until next Monday (well, my NaNo will be filled with ramble probably, but nobody will get to read that *snort*), and will wave bye-bye for a little while.

Catch you soon!


  1. What they don't tell you at NaNo is that redrafting usually takes up the rest of the year. One month writing, eleven months redrafting. Or thereabouts.

    It's good that you're going at a sensible pace, otherwise you'd have a real challenge on the redraft. Anyway... keep going! Why am I sounding like such a damn squib? Must be these squib pills. :)

  2. We shall miss you, but I believe we are making a sacrifice for a greater good. Good luck (I have, as you might have suspected, long since fallen off the wagon, and by now I have even stopped limping after it...)

  3. good luck Tara. You will make your goal. I know it.


  4. Oh Tara!
    You will SO hit your 50k. im sure above that. and as for your blog, do what you can love. we still love you :)


  5. Tara, I am pretty sure you will make your target. And if you fall behind on blogging, so be it. After all, you started blogging to give you the discipline of writing daily, which you are doing by NaNoing.

    And I would like to think you can get away with far less than 11 months of redrafting. A month maybe, but not more, unless you are very inefficient about it.

  6. Ooh, lots of comments! *feels loved*

    I'll say a collective 'thank you', or I will end up rambling all day, and I've sort of been guilt-tripped into continuing my blog, so I'm off to write today's before I do anything else...

    (I sincerely hope that it WON'T take 11 months to redraft. Lordy! *faints*)