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Thursday, 19 November 2009

*is rhyming*

Thursday Madness...

Seven o'clock, alarm goes 'ring',
I open my eyes, and say 'Bloody Hing!'
I'm far too tired to get out of bed,
I want to stick the pillow back over my head.

Crawl downstairs,  flick kettle on,
Without my tea, I'm an angry King Kong.
Drink my cuppa, make some toast,
Sort through the daily bills from the post.

Yell at the son, 'Brush your teeth,
up, down, and underneath!"
Yell at the daughter, "Leave Dale alone,
that's all you ever do is moan!"

7:50, son leaves for the day,
One child left to get out of the way.
8:45, I'm ready and waiting,
But daughter is still bloody titivating.

9:05, second child is in class,
Time to kick myself up the ass.
Waylaid by school gate, my plan doesn't matter,
When offered the chance to have a good natter.

Sister-in-law, cousin and friends,
With lots to talk about, the chat never ends.
9:45, I finally get home,
The dishes and housework making me groan.

10:35, sister knocks the door,
Alas, thoughts of housework are no more.
Decide, instead, to grab Christmas tree,
Carelessly decorated by sister and me.

3:35, both kids are back home,
Screaming and shouting, having their moan.
Homework is done amidst much grumbling,
Due to the fact that stomachs are rumbling.

Tea is cooked, uniforms made ready,
Only two hours until 'Time for bed(dy)!
Feet are aching, so is the head,
Never mind the kids, I want my bed!


  1. Wish I could rhyme like that! Glad I don't have to worry about any uniforms, though. And no Christmas trees just yet either. But I am considering starting to make my annual batch of paper hearts...

  2. Well, I needed somthing quick because I had to type it up while my sister was here and my kids were screaming at each other...

    I'm sensing another Ima Nutcase report from The Daily Ramble tomorrow. I suspect that when she interviews Tara Smith (23), she will get a lot of Taffing as responses. I can't believe I've lost almost 20k from my NaNo. For Duck's Sake.