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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Double Dutch

Okay, so the language isn't Dutch, it's Welsh, but it might as well be Dutch to me as despite being Welsh myself, I don't speak the language. The 'double' refers to the fact that every sign in Wales has the words printed both in English and Welsh (if that wasn't clear, though it probably was).

The funny thing about the Welsh language is that it seems to take more words to say something than it does in English. To be fair, this might not be unique to Welsh, but as I don't really know any other languages (apart from a little French and Italian), I can't really prove this.

Thus this post doesn't really have a point, and might as well be Double Dutch, just like the sign is.

Here endeth the ramble. *nods*


  1. Hallo!

    omg you got me when you commented about being Dutch and then I was like huh? that's sooo not Dutch!!!

    Goed ramble anyway!!
    Hoe gaat het met je?


  2. I took four and a half years of Spanish it takes more words to say the same thing too. As for double dutch that's a jump rope game here in the States.
    Me llevó cuatro años y medio de españoles que se necesita más palabras para decir lo mismo también. En cuanto al holandés doble que un juego de saltar la cuerda aquí en los Estados Unidos.

  3. Urgh! Blogger ate my comment!! Anywho..

    Ana - I have no idea what you said..

    Weesa - Loved your version of 'Double Dutch' - very clever.:) I knew it was jump rope, but over here it's just an expression we use for goobledygook.

  4. Guess that depends on what is being said. Most languages, I would think, can express certain things far more crisply than others.