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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Temporary Measures

Around the beginning of December last year we had the first of several heavy snowfalls. My daughter's school was closed for a couple of days, but when the weather cleared up and school should have re-opened, the kids still couldn't return. The extreme cold had caused the pipes in the school's roof to burst, and the entire junior block was completely flooded. Every single classroom - on both floors - was a couple of feet deep in water, and everything - and I do mean everything - was ruined. Computers, furniture, all of the children's artwork, even the Christmas gifts that the children had begun to take in for their teachers.Some of the teachers were in tears at the huge loss. We were all just thankful that the pipes had burst over a weekend rather than during school hours.

Needless to say, the building is now undergoing serious work in order for it to be fit for use again. In the meantime, the school has rented half a dozen portacabins so that the children can still attend school without having to be shipped out to other locations. The building itself is unlikely to be re-opened until mid-to-late March, and so my daughter now has her lessons in these funny-looking temporary classrooms.

And that is the 'story' behind today's picture.


  1. After being away from the computer for a few days I am pleasantly surprised to find not one but three posts. Keep up the good work:) Love the kitties. Of course the room will be phab. The
    schools here often use mobile homes as extra classrooms until they can add on to the actual building or build a new school altogether.

  2. Oh, man--what a hassle! When I was in 2nd grade, another of the elementaries had frozen pipes and then must have flooded. They shifted schedules and the other school did their day at ours... I went to school from 7-12:30 or something, and they went 12:30-6. I think the portaplaces are better, but still not ideal...

  3. Weesa - Yup, I've decided to blog every day this month, and a picture a day seemed the easiest thing to commit to. I'm putting up today's post as soon as I've posted this. :)

    Tami - I'm so glad that I didn't have to send Ellie to a different school. The school she attends now is literally at the bottom of my street, whereas the nearest alternative is a good twenty minutes walk away. Well, ten really, but with Ellie it is twenty. *snort*