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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Night Night, Sleep Tight

When my daughter goes to bed, there is a little bit of a routine involved. Along with the usual tidy up, don nightie and brush teeth, there is also the preparing of the bed itself.

The pillows need to be plumped, the five scatter cushions placed just so at the bottom of the bed, the dressing gown laid over the cushions, the character sleeping bag spread over the duvet. And last, but not least, the arrangement of her sleeping companions. These can differ from week to week, but Ellie Belly is always in there somewhere. Ellie Belly is the white teddy bear in the middle, and her namesake (my daughter) never sleeps without her. She is dressed most days in her specially made clothes, and she needs her nightie to wear for bed just like my daughter. She is starting to wear a bit now, but although I'm sure Ellie will love getting a new friend from the Build-a-Bear workshop, Ellie Belly will always be the one who shares her pillow.


  1. Well a girl has to make sure everything is in order for optimum beauty rest:) And I'm sure Ellie Belly will be around a long time. My niece (who luckily will not be reading this) has been sleeping with a rainbow colored caterpillar named
    Wormy since birth, she'll be 13yrs. old this year.

  2. Sue - my daughter DOES have her sweet moments, thought to be honest most of the time she suffers from the Must Be Centre Of Attention Syndrome. *snort*

    Weesa - Yup, Ellie Belly will be a long term house guest. I was never a 'teddy child' myself, but me elder sister still has her old fashioned brown teddy bear - it's almost 40 years old now.