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Saturday, 12 February 2011


I am having a lazy day today, which translates as staying in my jim-jams and not venturing outside. Therefore I am limited in my photo opportunities. I wandered through the house searching for something to capture on my camera, and while I lingered in my bedroom (taking a piccy of some books for Monday's post on BB&B), I spotted the framed picture that my daughter made several years ago.

Usually we are bombarded with all of the pictures and crafts that our kids make during school hours, but the local primary school decided a few years ago that if they framed a piece of artwork made by every child in the school, they could make some money (not that I am being cynical or anything). The area I live in is not known for being affluent - in fact the majority of families are on welfare - so it was quite stressful for those families who had several children in the school, for of course they could not buy one picture without buying the others. Luckily I only had two children in the school, and the hubby was working. Despite the somewhat mercenary tactics of the school, it was a nice idea to have a framed piece of artwork made by your own child. My son's was rather abstract (and I will no doubt share on another lazy day), but my daughter's efforts were definitely more girly, and definitely appropriate for a child of four.


  1. Very cute:) They do the framed art thing here too. I'm all for finding ways to raise money for the school usually but, I have to agree this does add unnecessary stress to some families.

  2. Weesa - I don't mind the fund raising as a rule, but I hate the way that everything seems to come at once. There was a month last year when money had to be taken in for one thing or another every week, and it CAN get stressful.