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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fond of Found Favourites #2

Ack!! It's almost 6pm and I've been on the go all day!  Nothing's inspiring me in the house, and as I'm currently slouching around in my pyjamas, I don't think I'll be venturing outside this evening to take a picture. So it's going to have to be a 'Fond of Found Favourites #2' post today. *nods*

I have taken a picture - so it's still a fresh photo (sort of) *shifty* - of a photo that I found the other day of my previous puss. Dipsy (my son was one at the time of naming, and heavily into the Teletubbies *eyeroll*) was run over and killed by a speeding driver five years ago, and I still miss her. She was supposed to be the family pet, but as far as she was concerned she was MY cat - she was bad tempered with everyone except me, and I was the only person she allowed to hold her. She was soft and cuddly, and she used to love being cradled just like a human baby. Damn all speedy drivers who use small side streets to avoid speed bumps!!!


  1. Poor pretty kitty. I know what you mean about the speedy drivers I had a kitten that escaped the house unnoticed and was hit when I was in high school. Poor thing was a gift from my brother who thought it would cheer me up when my previous cat died of old age. *adds curse to speedy drivers*

  2. Yeah, speedy drivers are a menace. What makes me mad is that they don't even have to stop if it's a cat. *mutters darkly* There's been many cats killed in my street over the years, plus a few dogs too. And if that's not bad enough, kids have been knocked down too, though luckily there haven't been any fatalities. Drivers use my street as a short-cut from the main road, so it's a nightmare.