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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Screw This!

In keeping with what appears to be the month of sprucing up the house, today we put together a swanky new solid pine sideboard for the living room. Flat-packed furniture should come with a health warning, because aside from the threat of hammering your fingers by mistake, there is also the very real danger of baldness due to the copious amount of hair-pulling that inevitably occurs.

It took me and the hubby the better part of four hours to put together this thing. Okay, the hubby did most of the work while I simply held things in place and passed screws and whatnot. The instructions were spread over eleven -!- pages, with 84 wooden dowel pegs (that had to be glued), around fifty screws, and fifty-something nails. And here I was looking forward to a stress-free day!

And the best thing yet? We have another one to put together tomorrow. *dies* It's all fun.


  1. What gets me is that they make it seem so simple on these home improvement shows! Good luck Tara. By the way, I am just like you- I read the directions, pass tools and hold things in place. Left alone, I would probably cry putting together stuff.

  2. There should be a warning label on most of that stuff letting you know that hair replacement and a stress relief course are in your future.:)

  3. I'm going to be the dissenting voice and say that I both enjoy and am good at assembling those things. IKEA, lemme at it! ;-)

  4. Chary - yup, it always looks easy when someone else does it. That actually applies to a lot of things...

    Weesa - Lordy, that is SO true. *nods*

    Leanne - *dies* That's not natural. Well, it probably is, just not to me. *snort*