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Monday, 7 February 2011

Fond of Found Favourites

If you've been reading in the last week, you'll know that I've been busy decorating, putting furniture together, and just generally sorting through years and years of accumulated paraphernalia (love that word!). In today's effort, me and the hubby went through a large chest in the living room in order to empty it and move one of the new (and recently put together) sideboards in its place. Amongst the things we found (including scart leads, cables, batteries, old newspapers and a whole load of this and that) were some photographs.

In this age of digital cameras, we don't actually have an awful lot of pictures taken the old fashioned way - most of them are now stored on the PC - and as the various computers in the house have only been around for a handful of years, we found some great prints of the kids. Plenty of shots of my boy's first couple of years (which I no doubt will be using for bribery purposes in the years to come), some nice pictures of my previous cat (now in Feline Heaven), and some photos from my wedding in 2006. This particular shot is a forgotten favourite of mine. I love it when we come across unexpected memories!

When my kids were still in the 'cute' stage...

*The quality isn't that great (nor has it been for any of my Phebruary Photos), but I only have a camera phone, and not a very good one at that. :(

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  1. Very cute:) I love finding little forgotten treasures like this.