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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Avon Calling!!

I don't know about outside of the UK, but over here we have The Avon Lady. In years gone by she would be a middle-aged woman dressed impeccably in tweed, and she would call on you with a brochure to look through. The brochure would contain health and beauty products, and was strictly for women only.

Nowadays, the Avon Lady generally works from home and you only see her when she collects the brochures that she posted through your door several days previously. The products include the original cosmetics and body care stuff, but they now cater for men too. They also sell anything from handbags to lingerie.

The thing with Avon is that I never intend to buy anything, but I usually end up filling out an order form anyway. Mostly it is stuff I don't need, so why I order it I don't know. *is clueless*

This is the latest brochure that was given to me by my friend. I told myself I wouldn't even look at it, but, well, I of course ignored my own advice. Still, they did have a few bargains in there...


  1. Yep we have the Avon Lady here in the States. Luckily I haven't seen one or a brochure in years so haven't been tempted. My Mom was a frequent shopper years ago but the she bought from retired so she stopped buying.

  2. We have them, but I leave them unopened - it avoids temptation.

  3. ah, the Avon Lady is a global thing then...

    Wish I could avoid temptation. :(