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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Got Milk?

So Tuesday's the day that I do my weekly grocery shop, and this week was no different to any other. I mentally calculated the bill as I was going around the supermarket, I hunted for bargains, I tried to find something different for meals but ended up getting what I always get...

I hate it. Seriously, I loathe grocery shopping. I actually hate all shopping, but as I never have any money to spare, grocery shopping is about the only shopping that I do. I'm sure that if I had pounds to spare, I would enjoy it a lot more, but shopping on a strict budget is frustrating at the best of times, and downright stressful at the worst.

Today my fridge is full, but as we near the weekend it was slowly but surely become emptier, with less options for the daily main meal. One thing that I always have plenty of is milk. I get through four pints a day, and with the local supermarket having the bargain price of two four pinters for £1.60 (most other places charge the same price for one bottle), my fridge is overtaken by milk on my shopping day.

There, I'm sure you'll all sleep much better now that you know that. *snort*


  1. I see some eggs as well> That sure is a lot of milk though :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Jules - Yup, eggs are another thing that I always have plenty of. You can ALWAYS make a meal if you have eggs. *nods* And hello and welcome!!

  3. Lots of milk here too. *wanders off muttering shopping bah humbug*

  4. I think we go through 4 gallons a week--more when the kids aren't in school... HWMNBNOTI though, shops almost every day--he's terrible that way--won't plan ahead (and rarely bargain hunts)--I really should look for a more efficient model, but I'm sort of attached to him.

  5. Weesa - bah himbug indeed. *hexes shopping days*

    Tami - Lordy! I daren't let the hubby go shopping - he'd spend twice as much and come home with half of what I needed. And you know, efficiency isn't all that. *snort*

  6. Hahahaha... um, humbug, not himbug.