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Monday, 21 February 2011

Mugs Ahoy

I like mugs. Just to be clear, I mean the type you drink from, not people who are extremely gullible. Anyway, I DO like my mugs, and the bigger the better because I am a tea freak. I like the occasional cup of coffee, but tea is my preferred hot beverage.

Now, I have a perfectly good set of matching mugs draped over the branches of my mug tree, but I don't like to use them. I like my mismatched mugs, you see. The ones from the novelty Easter egg sets, the odd ones from the pound shops, the personalised ones, the one you accidentally let drop into your daughter's buggy when you were having a frothy coffee in Starbucks...


Anyway, mismatched mugs are my preferred container when I want a cuppa. Here's a small selection of my current batch:


  1. I love mugs too! And you gave me one. :-) However, I am seriously coveting that Cadbury mini egg one... in fact, I may have to go buy a bag of said eggs now...

  2. You sound like my Mom, she has many mugs. Some are special and use of them forbidden. The ones that get used daily for coffee/tea/cocoa are all mismatched.

  3. Yay - mug shots!

    And not to imply innuendo in your post (because I know you'd NEVER do that...), but I hear babies drink from the other kind of mugs... :P

  4. Ah.... coveting, forbidden and innuendo.... three awesome words in your comments. Love it! *snort*

  5. I wish HWMNBNOTI would give up his vendetta against mismatched mugs. I like them better myself, all things considered...